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GolfNotch Training Aid Review

A few weeks ago on the podcast I hosted Angel with the training aid GolfNotch. It is a new version of the traditional putting gate. I saw it at the PGA Show and wanted to see how the product performed. After our podcast Angel sent it over to me and asked me to give it a spin.

The Packaging

The mailer arrived and I ripped it open immediately. I was greeted with a compact triangular box with a nice picture of the product on the side. On another side is the GolfNotch logo and the third side has a brief description of the product along with a QR code to get some training videos. Once I checked out the box I opened it up and found a soft blue carrying case holding the product along with 4 golf tees All in all a nice package and felt pretty nice.

The Product

I have to say opening the GolfNotch I was actually really surprised in a good way about the build quality of the training aid. Most training aids for putting feel fairly
thin and “cheap”. You pay for the convenience of them pre-drilling holes and
everything but the build quality is lacking. This was the complete opposite. It has a little bit of weight to it but not so much you won't want to carry it. It fits quite nicely in its carrying case as well. Overall I was very impressed with the build quality of the product.

Ease of Use

One of my biggest complaints with a lot of the drills we see out on tour is how hard it is to get the damn thing set up right. I want to do the tee drill but inevitably the tees aren't lined up, the gate I make is too small, and whatever other crap I manage to do wrong. I actually already had a small little plastic tool call the “Tour Gate” It allowed me to put two tees in the ground faster but it wasn't as substantial of a product. Starting with the GolfNotch was about finding the putt, reading it, and then lining it up and placing tees in the holes. The notches on the side also made setting up various other drills like the funnel drill much easier. I was able to get them set up easy with no hassle. The notches are equidistance apart so notch 2 lined up with notch 2 is wide than notch 3 matched with notch 3. Stick some tees in there and the drills are set up easily


I first received it and immediately took it to my Birdieball green to give it some rolls. It stayed on the green for about a week and even my wife commented how cool she thought it was. She even took a few strokes and tried it herself. I personally wished I had got the gray version because the green is super close to my putting mat. Using the gate is super easy. On my mat I just set it up just wider than my putter and started rolling it. I was noticing the ball was rolling a little bit better but I wanted to really get it on a real green to see some results. Out on the actual green was no different. The ball was coming out a little better and the notches on the inside were a great reminder of when to stop my putter on my through swing. I tend to make my through swing way too long and can cause some deceleration but trying to stop my putter before it reached the end of the gate was very helpful. Now like most training aids it's not just what you can do with the training aid but what happens when you take it away. For me I turned around and started hitting putts to a different hole without it. I felt myself hitting the ball well but slowly started to lose the form again. I hopped right back to the GolfNotch and straightened it out quickly. It will be interesting to see how the putting translates to the course but on the putts I really focus on I am seeing a difference.

Final Thoughts

Overall I was a big fan of the product. The build quality was MUCH better than I expected. The results are still TBD but early results are positive. There doesn't seem to be much GolfNotch did not think of when creating the product and honestly it's got a couple of cut outs I haven't figured out yet. The GolfNotch team was also happy to give a discount code to readers. Follow this link for 15% off. I'm not making any money off an affiliate link or anything like that. I liked the product and GolfNotch wanted to do something for you guys!

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